about catherine

I am a geographer based in Cambridge, UK. I am currently (2020-2022) employed at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge on a ERC-funded project called Urban Ecologies: Governing nonhuman life in global cities. As part of this work, I am interested in developing conceptual and theoretical frameworks and methodological practice around interspecies relationalities and urban ecologies. I am researching the rise in urban chicken-keeping in London. 

I recently (2020) completed my PhD on vegan geographies, titled Towards a beyond-human geography: Veganism and multispecies worlds in the past, present and future, at the department of Human Geography, University of Birmingham. My PhD explored engagements, entanglements, and encounters with different kinds of subjects (animal, human, environmental, historical) as central to understanding veganism. 

My  book, Veganism, Animals, and Archives: Geographies of a Multispecies World, based on this research is available now from Routledge.