During my time at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge (2020-present), I have supervised on the Part II (final year undergraduate/Level 3) paper on Political Appetites and the MSc in Anthropocene Studies (2020/21). I am currently working as a dissertation supervisor part IB (Level 2) students and advising MSc dissertation students.

As a teaching associate in the School of Geography (2016-2019, University of Birmingham), I taught across all levels of the undergraduate degree, lectured on the MSc (Human Geography) degree. As part of this, I have designed and delivered lectures, notably on feminist geographies, archival research, and on ethnography and participant observation, each drawing upon my own research to ensure they are focused on contemporary and innovative practices within the discipline.

I have written, structured and taught core seminars in Social Geography, Political Geography, and Development Geography. These seminars were new parts of the course designed primarily by myself. These seminars focused on theory, practical academic skills, and transferable skills, an innovative approach to seminars not present in other modules available to the students. They were given consistently excellent feedback in Module Evaluation Questionnaire’s.

I have designed and led on field courses, namely on ‘Feminist Geographies of Berlin’ (2018 and 2019), focused on ethnographical and auto-ethnographical approaches, and on ‘Visual Methodologies of Berlin’ (2017), which looked to incorporate video, audio, and camera technologies into a small research project. I also co-wrote ‘Politics and People: Scalar Geographies of Berlin’ (2018 and 2019), which encouraged students to plan and undertake research projects on the everyday politics of migration and racism.

I have actively engaged in alternative roles beyond the scope of my job, working on the Access to Birmingham (A2B) scheme, a scheme which supports applicants to the University who have no experience of HE to prepare for their degree.

Courses Taught

University of Cambridge (2020-present)

MSc Anthropocene Studies: Seminar Leader, Animalising the Anthropocene

Part II: Political Appetites, Technologies of Self-Improvement

Part IB: Dissertation Supervisor

University of Birmingham (2016-2019)

Masters level: Feminist Geopolitics

Level 3: Welfare, Work and Wealth; Cultural Geographies of Development; Children’s Geographies; Russia in a Global Context

Level 2: Research Methods for Dissertations; Human Techniques; Social and Political Geography; Cultural and Development Geography; Understanding Neighbourhood Poverty; Research Methods Fieldwork Training

Level 1: Mapping the Midlands (GIS training) and Fieldwork classes (Snowdonia and Rotterdam).

Additional Activities

Doctoral Researcher Training: Presentation Skills for PhD Students; School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science, University of Birmingham, 18th April 2018 and 3rd April 2019

Mentor to Level 3 dissertation students, notably on topics of vegetarianism/veganism; and feminist geographies

Research Methods Lead for ‘Feminist Geographies of Berlin’ (2018); Co-Lead for ‘Politics and People: Scalar Geographies of Berlin’ (2018 and 2019); Lead for ‘Visual Methodologies’ (2017)

Equality and Diversity Postgraduate Ambassador: School of GEES, Equality and Diversity Committee, University of Birmingham (2017-present)

Access to Birmingham (A2B) Lecture, for students entering University of Birmingham through A2B scheme, ‘Social Geographies of Home’, Summer 2018