archives, animals & activism: entangling vegan pasts, presents and futures

This talk was first given at the human geography seminar series at the University of Birmingham (UK) on 22nd January 2019The research drawn on for this talk is from my PhD research at the University of Birmingham, on veganism, a summary of which can be found here:…

My PhD included an eight-month archival research project at The British Library, working with the archives of animal activist, Richard D. Ryder. The outcomes of this project, and histories of animal activism in the UK, can be found on the British Library sponsored Archiving Activism website, under ‘Animal Guide’:…

I also spoke to many vegans in the UK about their experiences, ethics, and practices, and I am very grateful to everyone who took the time to speak with me and help with this project.

I tweet on my research and more widely on veganism at @katiecmoliver

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With thanks to:

All of the vegans who I have had the pleasure to work with and speak to over the last two years My colleagues and supervisors at the University of Birmingham for their support, questions, and advice Colleagues at The British Library, particularly Polly Russell, Jonathon Pledge, Gill Ridgeley, Sarah Evans, and Rachel Tavernor Kim Stallwood, Kate Levey, and Carol J. Adams for their help, conversations, and insights on animal/vegan histories and the women of animal rights

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