The Vegan Society Researcher Network

A few weeks ago, I got in touch with The Vegan Society to chat about my PhD, their researcher support and network and to pitch some articles for publication on their website. I am very pleased to have joined their researcher network, and you can check out my profile here. It is a network open to all researchers and students undertaking work on veganism/in vegan studies across the themes of Health & Wellbeing; Society & Culture and Environment & Sustainability. Through the network, they offer access to research and peer support, a platform to share work and opportunities to connect with other researchers.


I also am going to be publishing three forthcoming articles in their project updates section on my PhD research. The first will be on the histories of animal advocacy and veganism in the UK; the second on the contemporary vegan movement; and the third a speculative piece on possible multispecies futures. I am looking forward to writing and publishing these pieces and sharing them with a wider audience through this platform!

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